Rainy Winter Day in Florida

Florida is its best in winter. Not only because the weather is cooler, but because the snowbirds come back, and one can go outside without dying from the heat. Now it normally does not rain and flood everyday this time of the year…but that is pretty much how the weather has been here recently, in mostly sunny Florida. But for all the current soupiness, you will not hear me complaining as we have had extremely hot weather up until now. So ever the optimist, I decided this day to cover my camera and head out to see if anything else was enjoying the weather. Lucky for me and you, that it was not long until I found something…..and as a reward for my optimistic attitude, I found a new bird in the sanctuary…at least new to me. I hope as always you enjoy my rainy day photos.



Rainy Day

Hello Again Dear Reader,

     Not much has been happening for me unfortunately, and the fact that we are in the middle of hurricane season does not seem to be helping me hone my photography skills at all. It is not uncommon for storms to just appear and the lightening and hail produced can be dangerous at times, so for me better safe than sorry.

     Today I only snapped a few shots of the torrential downpour we experienced here on the Treasure Coast. I took this massive and scary thunderstorm as an opportunity to try my hand at photographing rainfall, and rain related objects; safely of course.  It takes some skill to photograph anything in motion well, and rain is no exception. Camera settings and lighting can make all the difference… Here are just a few of my very first try. Enjoy!