Flea Market Finds- What I saw this weekend


Blow Up Man
Welcome to the Flea Market

Hello Again Dear Reader,

      One of my favorite things to do is peruse flea markets and estate sales in search of some priceless treasure. In truth what I usually find and end up buying, is something to add to one of my own collection of needless things, or something I desperately need.

     This weekend I found myself farther south of the treasure coast at one of the local mega-flea markets. The sights and sounds here are so diverse and multicultural, that you can find just about any nationality, selling anything in any one of the hundreds of booths. From fruit stands, to soccer balls and anything n between, there were even a few musicians entertaining guests who sample market fare here.

This day I purchased a beautiful cross to add to my personal collection, as well as a few fresh fruits, (corn and cukes) and a DVD or two…no boot-legs. And never one to waste a photo opportunity……remember the vultures? I decided I could do worse and took the time to snap a few shots of some interesting market sights . I hope you like the few little treasures I am sharing with you dear reader. Enjoy!

Whats Blooming Today

Hello Again Dear Reader.

Spring has sprung again in the sunny state of Florida and that means everyday is a new chance to photograph some of Gods smallest and prettiest creations. From lizards to poison gourds…. here is what I saw today in 1derland.