Thank you!!!!!—— Welcome to Manitou Springs Colorado- The Sign Says Closed

Hello Again Dear Reader,

      I want to take a second to thank everyone that reads, or likes my blog. Honestly I never thought I would gain one reader, or follower and I surely never thought I would be updating or posting things regularly. You have no idea, how many times I talk myself back up from quitting. I look at social media and the internet as a whole and I see so many photographers and beautiful, breath-taking photos and here I am…”Look at my bug”. It boggles my mind that anyone would care, but thank you for doing so, I really appreciate it.

     I am almost through posting scenic photos of Colorado. As you will remember we last left off at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My companions and I had hoped to make it to a few other tourist attractions before the sun went down, but as I said before we got misplaced and ended up in downtown Manitou Springs. This is such a beautiful, clean community and the houses almost have a Norman Rockwell type feel to them; for those who know who Norman Rockwell is.


     Driving around Manitou Springs, following the oh-so-wrong GPS, It amazed me the way the houses all looked stacked up, upon each other, as they reached higher towards the mountain top. While trying to find our route, literally, we got misplaced and had to drive up and through places, that had us meeting ourselves, halfway around the middle. Not so confusing a statement, if you have ever driven up into the mountains.

     My sister and I were totally petrified driving up the mountain, we both hate heights. But we kept going because we just knew we were following the right road…our GPS said so. When we finally crested the top of the neighborhood, yes people really live there, we met a very nice woman. She informed us, that we had to go all the way back down and across the main road…UGH. By the time we made it to The Manitou Cliff Dwellings, and the Cave of the Winds, they were both closed. So the pictures that I took may not have been the nicest or the most scenic, but I like them nonetheless and lucky you…I am sharing my experience. Enjoy!

Weary Wednesday – Finally Working on Colorado Photos

Here Kitty Kitty
Here Kitty Kitty

Happy Wednesday Dear Reader,

    I know the headline says weary, and my salutation says happy…but I am weary and as sad as that sounds happy for it. There is no amount of time that could explain this statement or my own struggles, but suffice it to say that even though everything may not be right in the world…I am happy to just be in it. So today I am finally going to start posting the rest of my Colorado trip photos. I will also attempt to identify the places and things correctly, a side effect of putting things off, and coincidentally my biggest pet peeve, but never the less.

     In the meantime I am currently working on a few more Gurushots. This time it is Fun With Shadows, this is a new one for me, because although I am always aware of shadows and how they can be used to enhance, or ruin a photo, I never really thought to make them picturesque. Not to be undone by any challenge I set out looking for opportunities, to advance my shadow skill set and it did not take long before the setting sun and my kitties (KiKi & Aimee), gave me just that opportunity. As always until we meet again…enjoy!

Rainy Day

Hello Again Dear Reader,

     Not much has been happening for me unfortunately, and the fact that we are in the middle of hurricane season does not seem to be helping me hone my photography skills at all. It is not uncommon for storms to just appear and the lightening and hail produced can be dangerous at times, so for me better safe than sorry.

     Today I only snapped a few shots of the torrential downpour we experienced here on the Treasure Coast. I took this massive and scary thunderstorm as an opportunity to try my hand at photographing rainfall, and rain related objects; safely of course.  It takes some skill to photograph anything in motion well, and rain is no exception. Camera settings and lighting can make all the difference… Here are just a few of my very first try. Enjoy!

Flea Market Finds- What I saw this weekend


Blow Up Man
Welcome to the Flea Market

Hello Again Dear Reader,

      One of my favorite things to do is peruse flea markets and estate sales in search of some priceless treasure. In truth what I usually find and end up buying, is something to add to one of my own collection of needless things, or something I desperately need.

     This weekend I found myself farther south of the treasure coast at one of the local mega-flea markets. The sights and sounds here are so diverse and multicultural, that you can find just about any nationality, selling anything in any one of the hundreds of booths. From fruit stands, to soccer balls and anything n between, there were even a few musicians entertaining guests who sample market fare here.

This day I purchased a beautiful cross to add to my personal collection, as well as a few fresh fruits, (corn and cukes) and a DVD or two…no boot-legs. And never one to waste a photo opportunity……remember the vultures? I decided I could do worse and took the time to snap a few shots of some interesting market sights . I hope you like the few little treasures I am sharing with you dear reader. Enjoy!