What I Saw Today- 5/30

Hello Again Dear Reader,

       I hope that all is well with the world today.  It is the weekend again, and although that means much to some, for main stream America it is just another chance to catch up on everything we got behind on during the week. Not much has been happening in my life, and even less has been happening in the photo worthy opportunities area. So this week, not to be discouraged,  I grabbed my camera and set out to find something/anything to photograph. Florida is home to some pretty weird and unique plants and animals, especially birds, so it was not long before I stumbled on my first photo op. Here are a few quick clicks of a pretty sizable flock of vultures that I decided were worthy of an impromptu shoot. (A few other birds too).

      Lucky for you, I  quickly exhausted my camera battery on this flock of vultures because yes, I forgot to charge my batteries before embarking on my journey. So I had to sulk home and see if I could make anything good out of any of my photos. Oh sure I could have just stayed at home and posted the Colorado photographs I have been promising, but I did not. Who knew blogging would actually take time and effort?

     I will however get to them soon, very soon, but tonight let me leave you with these few late evening images of my favorite Royal Poinciana tree blooms. I do not know what it is about this forest beauty that keeps me coming back, but I hope you will accept them for what they are: A gift from me to you.

Happy Hump Day! — The Beginning of What I Saw Today

Well my friends…we have made it to Wednesday, and for that I am truly thankful. I know that I am supposed to be posting Colorado photos, but I had an epiphany, mostly borrowed from my Facebook page. I want to start a new blog series called What I Saw Today.

     You may wonder what has prompted this new-old idea, its called Gurushots.com: Live photo challenges. I really like this site, not just because it is photographers voting and judging other photographers’ work…..but because the skill focused challenges really do help highlight and hone each photographers skills. I know it is helping me learn the lingo and more importantly the abilities and limits of myself and my equipment. Most days scrolling through my fellow photographers submitted photos I could only dream of creating photos as stunning and awe inspiring, but I have always heard use what you have, and that is what I am doing. Lucky you! So here is what I saw today, and what you have to look forward to.

First I came across my neighbors cat exciting the squirrels in the trees. This ferocious Jungle Cat quickly turned into playful kitten when I tried to lure him away from the restless natives.

    The next thing I saw was these beautiful flowers from A Royal Poinciana tree, also known as Flame of the forest. The red spindly petals against the green immediately caught my eye.

This Terracotta fish was found laying among some neglected brush, even it looks good in the morning sun under the Poinciana canopy.

In the early morning light even the wilting gardenias are just as beautiful today as yesterday. I also managed to get a nice morning shot of a small spider web attached to one of the browning buds. Digging around in the brush I managed to find a few small unidentified bugs and quite a few Zebra Long-winged Butterflies. I love chasing butterflies and bugs. The vine with the white flowers is also still unknown. Cannot wait to show you what I see next, I hope you will come back occasionally and see. Enjoy!

Happy Monday

Hello Again,

     I know that Monday usually does not bring to mind many happy thoughts, especially for those who work hard all during the week, but we are alive and for this I am truly grateful.

     I am still in the process of editing and posting photos of my Colorado trip, trying to break them down by city and I am also trying not too post too many photos at once…I know they can be hard to view otherwise.So in lieu of Colorado, today in 1derland we are going to take a little detour back to Florida’s Treasure Coast.

     This past weekend was Memorial Day, for those who celebrate, and although I did not attend any patriotic events (thanks to a wisdom tooth extraction), I did get a chance to visit one of my favorite places, the Atlantic Ocean. Starting with the IRSC Marine and Science Center, I snapped a few of the more picturesque things I saw today.

One of the most common sights to see on the water are the docks, this one in particular caught my attention, as did this super monstrous Ficus Tree overlooking the water. For anyone who has ever thought they might like a ficus….really zoom in there, this ficus will uproot the foundation of your house. 😦

I don’t know what it is about sunset on the water that brings to mind a peaceful easy feeling, but some days I could just spend forever here looking out over the water, and I envy the people who spend their days here fishing and enjoying their lives. Makes me almost want to buy a boat…almost.

Updating Colorado Photographs

Hello Again Dear Reader,

     I know it has been awhile, it takes time to pick and edit photographs, as I have so many photos that I want to share with you. I suppose I should just add one or two at a time, but that would take far too long, and I cannot leave even one out, I am so attached. Even so, as always I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did taking them.

Mellow Mountain Sunset
Mellow Mountain Sunset

Garden of The Gods

Hello Again Dear Reader,
     One of the most beautiful places I have visited in Colorado is the Garden of The Gods. This scenic and awe inspiring recreational area- free to the public, as declared by the family of its founder Charles Elliott Perkins, is a must-see for anyone traveling in this part of the country. There are dozens of mammoth rock formations that seem to literally grow from the Earth. While walking through the public paths, you can see many types of wildlife…deer and birds in particular. I managed to snap quite a few photos of free roaming deer and birds perched and nesting everywhere.
     I could have spent days and days photographing this beautiful place and wish that I had more time to do so, but my companions and I hoped to get in a few more sights, before The Garden closed for the day.
     If you should ever get a chance to visit Garden of the Gods,  I was there in February, make sure that you take comfortable shoes. Because although you can drive through the “Garden”, it is much more enjoyable if you leisurely stroll through this beautiful and wondrous place. Enjoy! (This post can also be viewed in the above pages tab).

Whats Blooming Today

Hello Again Dear Reader.

Spring has sprung again in the sunny state of Florida and that means everyday is a new chance to photograph some of Gods smallest and prettiest creations. From lizards to poison gourds…. here is what I saw today in 1derland.

Happy Easter 2015 – April 4th Lunar Eclipse

Happy Easter 2015 – April 4th Lunar Eclipse


Can you believe that I scored such a great photo? Photographing the moon takes much time and preparation, but there is nothing that I would rather do. I have literally spent hours cleaning my camera lens and setting up my tripod to get just the right angle, as if that is possible. The one thing that can ruin everything, besides movement, are clouds and tonight I got blessed with an open sky. Have a blessed Easter, for those of you who celebrate. Enjoy.